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Free RPG Day Dungeon Crawl Classic Roleplaying Game

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Inside the Book:

The core Mechanics
The following six stats are used:

HD are variable for each class. Directly from the 3.5 rules, just as well the monsters seem to be the same.

There are three saving throws: Fortitude, Reflex, and Willpower

Starting at Level Zero with an occupation. Something to fall back on. (there are critical hit charts where you can get maimed.)

The characters will start out with a Occupation, Trained Weapon, Trade Goods.

The characters will have the choice of three alignments. No surprise there. Law Chaotic and neutral

The starter guide only covers the following Level advancement. Level 0 characters are normal people. Start out at -100xp when they reach 1xp they are level 1 in whatever class they choose.

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