Game On!

Well I am really distracted right now Working on my little adventure to run on DNDonlinegames has turned into a bigger project than I thought. All kinds of ideas.  I also have an idea to start characters at level zero. I am adapting the S&W Corerules 4th edition and the S&W Quickstart Guide to create the S&W Zero Level handbook to start my adventure. After reading the rules for “Dungeon Classic Crawl” rules it sounded like fun.

I hope to get things started this week by accepting player applications on the DNDonlinegames forums this week. While the S&W Zero Level Handbook will only be in draft form at the start. I will continue to work on a presentable published form to release as a PDF (and possibly an epub) version there after. So only my players will get the draft copy.

I look forward to starting my game so get out those dice and start rolling. But remember “Imagine the Hell out of the Game” 5 bonus experience points for anyone who can tell me where this quote is from.

Also send me an email if you wish to be contacted when the post for applications is up on the DNDonlinegames forum. I will send you a reply when it is along with instructions on joining DNDonlinegames as well what I will be looking for in an application and the link to the thread where you will post it.

I hope to have the game started by September 15, 2011.

A little Bollywood to get you in the mood.

This video is created by “The Guild” an internet series that has to do with online gaming. If you wish to see more of their videos Click Here.


One Response to “Game On!”

  1. You KNOW I want in. Just LMK as soon as the GM add is posted.

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