Shiny Things

I started this blog to increase my writing skills, but somehow became distracted by shiny objects. Those being new reading material. I have been reading the new James Rollins book entitled “The Devil Colony as we as a host of other reading material. I have also been working on converting SRD 3.5 Monsters to OE Sword and Wizardry Stats to be used in an upcoming project I am working on.

I am writing and converting. Have many ideas on adventure modules, new monsters as well as my campaign world and Mega Dungeon. I guess I need to pick one project and work on it until it is complete then move on to the next one, but the ideas seem to hit me for one project when I am working on another one. I really need to organize my notes. Most of it stemmed from my idea on running a game on DNDonlinegames forums and where to start. So I guess that should be my first priority.

I have the first adventure in mind and half mapped out using Dungeon Crafter with the old stile maps. So this is the list of things I really need to do to get the game started.

1. Advertise on DNDonlinegames forums for interested players.

2. Finish the booklet of house rules based upon the Swords and Wizardry Game that we will start with.

3. If there is enough interest, 5 to 6 players then apply for the game thread.

4. Have the Players role up their characters and write a background for them.

Once I have done this I need to convert just certain SRD 3.5 monsters to be used in the game along with the monsters that are provided by the Swords and Wizardry Rulebook.

I will be using my Swords and Wizardry House Rules along with the Swords and Wizardry Core Rules 4th edition which can be downloaded for free from here.

More to follow when I complete the house rules and post an interest thread here.


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