Swords and Wizardry Play by Post

I ran across a forum that is devoted to play by post of roleplaying games, especially D&D. The forums are divided into categories of Dungeon and Dragons:Games before 3.5e which includes 2e homebrew campaigns and 3e homebrew campaigns. There seems to relativity very few of these games.

Then there are the catagories Dungeon and Dragons: 3.5e and Dungeon and Dragons 4e. These catagories are devided further alphabetically. The last Catagory is Other roleplaying games. This is further subdivided into d20 modern, pathfinder, starwars rpg, codename ladybug, and other roleplaying games.

Most likely Swords and Wizardry would fall into the latter category and sub category “other roleplaying games.”

These forums are set up to make dice roles using tags that will convert a d20 into a dice roll. The DM is the moderator of the Main Thread of his game as well as the subthreads of his game. After his game is approved a Game thread is created by one of the administrators of the board. Once created, the dm can create his own threads in the game thread. One thread can be devoted to the main game play, while another can be created for dice roles. There could be one for just Out of Character discussions.

I want to start a game on this forums as well as get others involved. To start an old school presence on this board. Whether it be Swords and Wizardry, OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord. Old Schoolers need to represent. So if your into Play by Post, would like to try your hand at play by post. Come to dndonlinegames.com and join the fun. Let us get several games going. Using the free rules we may influence others on the board to give old school D&D a try.

Do you play by post? If not would you be willing to give it a try? Please leave answers to the questions in the comments below.
DNDonlinegames Forums
Get the Sword and Wizardry rules


5 Responses to “Swords and Wizardry Play by Post”

  1. I ran my own PbP on a private proboards for roughly 4 months. I found that having the Referee roll all the dice results in a much faster game. You’re never waiting for a player to make a roll. In order to still give the feeling of a game being played, I posted a mechanic section below posts to explain what happened.
    Example: http://nohirelings.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=general&thread=15&page=5#313

    • I will have to keep that in mind. Waiting on players or even sometimes the DM are what kills a game. As a DM I tell the players up front that I reserve the right to make make basic moves and roles for them if they do not post in a reasonable amount of time. Usually if the group is in combat. This keeps things moving and resolves some of the delay. If the know before hand they will be gone they can get another player to make moves and rolls for their character.

      And sorry about the delay on the approval of the comment. I thought I had it set up for automatic approval. I fixed that now.

  2. Spike Page Says:

    Whenever you decide to do this, I’m still game.

    • @spike I am still working on the adventure. Got side tracked by some shiny things again. I thought to myself after reviewing “Dungeon Crawl Classic” why can’t I run a game of S&W starting with zero level characters. I am almost done with the players guide and the first adventure. I am hoping to have it up this week to start accepting players and I would like to start running the game by August 15, 2011.

      If you read this and are interested, leave your email here or contact me at RazberryRanid@yahoo.com

      Still learning about this wordpress blog also. (note to self: Need to write another entry in my blog.

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