Free RPG Day Dungeon Crawl Classic Roleplaying Game

Inside the Book:

The core Mechanics
The following six stats are used:

HD are variable for each class. Directly from the 3.5 rules, just as well the monsters seem to be the same.

There are three saving throws: Fortitude, Reflex, and Willpower

Starting at Level Zero with an occupation. Something to fall back on. (there are critical hit charts where you can get maimed.)

The characters will start out with a Occupation, Trained Weapon, Trade Goods.

The characters will have the choice of three alignments. No surprise there. Law Chaotic and neutral

The starter guide only covers the following Level advancement. Level 0 characters are normal people. Start out at -100xp when they reach 1xp they are level 1 in whatever class they choose.

Races and Class are the same thing. Warrior, Cleric, Wizard, Thief. Dwarf, Elf and Halfling. There is no multiclassing and a halfling can not be a thief, Elf is a substandard wizard not knowing as many spells as a wizard. Dwarf is a sub par warrior with no threat range.

There are a list of dieties for the players, (clerics) to chose from.

Skills – Skills are the skills dictated by your characters occupation before becoming an adventurer.

Equipment. The usual list of equipment. There are more types of armor to chose from. Most likely 3.5 stats the weapons have higher stats then that of OD&D rules most likely from 3.5 stats to deal with the 3.5 monsters.

Combat – there are fumble tables and critical hit tables. You can be maimed. There is a section on two handed weapon wielding and Spell Duals.

Magic Each spell when cast a die is rolled and the effect is determined off a table. Each spell has a table. Only the first level spells are listed in the starter book.

Judges rules section only covers the rules about the wizards patron spell ability.

Monsters section as expected only covers lower level monsters suited to characters level 0-5. It looks like the stats for the monsters are straight from the 3.5 rules.

Promo Flyer lets you know when the the new rule book will be released.

Pre order now. I looked up on the Goodman site and the Hardcover book is 34.99

List of tables is just that a list of tables.

Character Sheet included is standard for any new roleplaying game.


The starter rules cover rules for characters level 0 to level 5. This book is 168 pages long. I can imagine that this book is going to be quite large with all the spell list and their tables, as well as the added information to get your character to level 20 if that is the cut off. It appears to be 3.5 rules in some aspects along with the OD&D rules combined.

This RPG also makes use of Zocchi dice in the following configurations: d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, and d30. The book states that Goodman games will be selling them later in the year. For now you can get them from your local gaming store or ask your gaming store to special order them for you. I have viewed a few sets on amazon for 11-18 dollars. What a waste of money. All these rolls can be made with the dice you already have. In fact you can use all six sided dice to make any roll of any sided die.

What I like:

I like some aspects of the rules such as zero level characters starting out. The luck stat and its results.

What I don’t like. Cost of a hardback book. I prefer PDFs myself. My view may change if a PDF is available. I really don’t like the list of tables associated with each and every spell. This seems to me to make for a very large book to carry around if I used printed books.

Using a lot of 3.5 stuff doesn’t make it compatible for other OD&D game systems. The rules read more like a Frankenstein Book of mixed matched parts to make existing 3.5 modules fit with old-style rules.

This is listed on there site about the book.

Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (OGL)

Rules Set: DCC RPG, an OGL system that cross-breeds Appendix N with a streamlined version of 3E.

Licensees: Select publishers will be offered licenses to publish supplemental material for the DCC RPG. If you are a publisher interested in learning more, please contact us. – I assume this is to use there logo stating that it is compatible with there ruleset. Not the fact that you can publish material that is compatible. Cause the OGL would allow this. All the material contained within seem to be directly from OGL rules with the exception of the luck stats. Adventures don’t need access to critical tables and such. (But don’t quote me on this. I am not a rules lawyer.

So where is the OGL listed in the starter guide? There is none. Lets hope they add it in the printed book.

You can download the starter guide here.


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